Hockey World Cup: Complete list of men’s WC winners from 1971 to 2018

Hockey World Cup: Complete list of men’s WC winners from 1971 to 2018

The final tournament features the continental champions and other qualified teams. Sometimes it also features the winners of the Summer Olympics’ hockey competition or the continental runners-up. The teams divide into pools once more and play a round robin tournament. The composition of the pools is determined using the current FIH World Rankings.

2018BhubaneswarBelgium 0-0 Netherlands (3-2 after Shoot Out)Australia 8-1 England
2014The Hague, NetherlandsAustralia 6-1 NetherlandsArgentina 2-0 England
2010New DelhiAustralia 2-1 GermanyNetherlands 4-3 England
2006Mönchengladbach, GermanyGermany 4-3 AustraliaSpain 3-2 Korea (After Extra Time)
2002Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaGermany 2-1 AustraliaNetherlands 2-1 Korea (After Extra Time)
1998Utrecht, NetherlandsNetherlands 3-2 SpainGermany 1-0 Australia
1994Sydney, AustraliaPakistan 1-1 Netherlands (4-3 after Shoot Out)Australia 5-2 Germany
1990Lahore, PakistanNetherlands 3-1 PakistanAustralia 2-1 West Germany (After Extra Time)
1986London, EnglandAustralia 2-1 EnglandWest Germany 3-2 Soviet Union (After Extra Time)
1982MumbaiPakistan 3-1 West GermanyAustralia 4-2 Netherlands
1978Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPakistan 3-2 NetherlandsAustralia 4-3 West Germany
1975Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaIndia 2-1 PakistanWest Germany 4-0 Malaysia
1973Amstelveen, NetherlandsNetherlands 2-2 India (4-2 after Shoot Out)West Germany 1-0 Pakistan
1971Barcelona, SpainPakistan 1-0 SpainIndia 2-1 Kenya

The Hockey World Cup was first conceived by Pakistan’s Air Marshal Nur Khan. He proposed his idea to the FIH through Patrick Rowley, the first editor of World Hockey magazine. Their idea was approved on 26 October 1969 and adopted by the FIH Council at a meeting in Brussels on 12 April 1970. The FIH decided that the inaugural World Cup would be held in October 1971, in Pakistan.

However, political issues would prevent that first competition from being played in Pakistan. The FIH had inadvertently scheduled the first World Cup to be played in Pakistan during the Bangladesh Liberation War. Furthermore, Pakistan and India had been at war with each other only six years earlier. When Pakistan invited India to compete in the tournament, a crisis arose. Pakistanis, led by cricketer Abdul Hafeez Kardar, protested against India’s participation in the Hockey World Cup.

Given the intense political climate between Pakistan and India, the FIH decided to move the tournament elsewhere. In March 1971, coincidentally in the same month Bangladesh declared independence from Pakistan, the FIH decided to move the first Hockey World Cup to the Real Club de Polo grounds in Barcelona, Spain, which was considered a neutral and peaceful European site.

The FIH has set no requirements or limitations on the size of the competition. The 1971 Cup included only ten nations, the smallest World Cup. The 1978 Cup featured fourteen nations. The 2002, 2018 Cups featured sixteen nations. The remaining 10 World Cups have featured 12 nations.

The first three tournaments were held every two years. The 1978 Cup was the only tournament held three years from the previous one. It was halfway between the Summer Olympics hockey competition and has continued that way. In other words, the tournament has been held every four years ever since.

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