2026 FIFA World Cup in USA, Canada and Mexico Could Have 6 Games a Day

2026 FIFA World Cup in USA, Canada and Mexico Could Have 6 Games a Day

FIFA World Cup in 2026 to be held in the USA, Canada and Mexico could see up to six games a day during the group stages.

The 2026 edition of the World Cup will see the first-ever 48-team tournament. This is the first time that the 32-team format has been changed since 1998. More teams mean more eyeballs, but it also requires more planning and formatting to pull it off seamlessly.

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With four teams from North America, the tournament will see 104 games that are to be held in a period of 33 days. Timings could also be another issue if so many matches are to be played in a single day, with time zones for European nations being different. This could mean some really early mornings for the European nations and broadcasters would also have a tough time with at least a few top nations having their games at really odd hours.

The tournament is most likely to be played in 12 groups of four teams. With the increase in teams as well as the matches, getting across to different venues would also be a big hurdle with the 2026 World Cup being played in three nations.

2026 FIFA World Cup in USA, Canada and Mexico
2026 FIFA World Cup in USA, Canada and Mexico

The cities of Atalanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and New York are set to host the games in America. The games in Mexico will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey whereas Toronto and Vancouver will host the matches scheduled to be played in Canada.

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The increased number of teams could also see an increase in the revenue for FIFA and other related bodies, but it could also give nations who have never qualified before, a chance to proudly represent their country on the biggest stage, further increasing the global appeal of the sport.

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